Evaluate the view that organiZations need leaders as well as managers.

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  . Evaluate the view that organiZations need leaders as well as managers.   

what is leader? what is manager? what is the difference? function) 



  1. words: 2000 words 
  2. time: 10 days 
  3. structure

      INTRODUCTION   200-300 WORDS

      MAINBODY    1300-1500 WORDS

      CONCLUSION  300-400 WORDS 

  1. Harvard Referencing System

5 important  


  • Answer the question: think what the question is driving at; consider what evidence is relevant to it; organise your material around your own view; do not write generically about a subject, but use your evidence to sustain a focused line of argument. A good piece of advice is open a paragraph with a statement of an argument and then back it up with evidence. For example: ‘Writers who see TQM in terms of work intensification tend to rely on quantitative case study evidence. For example, in their study of a PCB plant, McArdle and colleagues….’


  • Structure the essay: indicate at the outset your main argument and how you will develop it; use headings to mark out the parts of the essay; state explicitly how you intend to tackle the question, explain to the reader where you are going e.g. ‘there are four main views on X; I now review them’.


  • Use critical judgment: this does not mean simply finding fault or being dismissive. It means: evaluate the evidence, argue whether empirical material sustains an author’s view, consider whether different views are opposed; say what you think is lacking.
  • use some examples to illustrate your argument