A Critical Appraisal of Agency Theory Solutions (Financial incentives schemes)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


The group-coursework is about a critical appraisal of Agency Theory solutions to the problems caused by the separation between ownership and control. In this coursework we just focus on the SOLUTIONS NOT THE PROBLEMS. My part is FINANCIAL INCENTIVE SCHEMES as a solution. So this essay has to be about financial incentive schemes and critique about this solution only. This essay is going to be a part of the main body so a brief introduction and conclusion about the solution will be fine but most parts of the essay have to focus on the solution which is ”Financial Incentive Schemes” and a critique about it. Please use CYERT&MARCH (1963) ”A Behavioral Theory of the Firm” as a reference because that solution relates to this theory and please tie this theory in while writing about the solution and making critiques. Apart from that please use good and reliable references. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the coursework.