A Disease

A Disease

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HSCR 360-01 Research Project

1. Choose a Disease to research

2. Approach:
o Introduction
? Define the disease (medical/science terminology)
? Discuss the inception of the disease.
? When was this particular disease discovered (historical background, if any is available)?

o Provide background information
? What type of disease is this?
1. Is this a structural disease (organic disease)?
2. Is this a genetic disease?
3. Is this a developmental disease?
4. Is the disease acute or chronic?

o Discuss the Manifestation of the Disease
? What are the relevant signs and symptoms?
? What screenings/examinations are used to identify and diagnose?
? What other complications and/or illnesses might a patient encounter as a result of this disease?

o What are the Cause(s) of the Disease?
? Was the injury initiated externally or internally?

o How is the disease treated?
? What is the Prognosis?
? How is the disease treated?
? What all is involved in patient care?

o Are certain disabilities associated with this disease?

o What is life expectancy?
? What are the causes of death from this disease? Be specific (treated or untreated? Does it matter?).
1. What are the complications of treatment?
2. What are the complications of non-treatment?
3. Survival Rate

o Current Medical Advances & Technology
? Are there any advances in medicine or medical technology that either increases survival rates, improve quality of life with the disease, or cure the disease?

Things to Discuss and Include

1. Data:
a. Research information regarding the incidence and prevalence of the disease.
b. Include demographic information
i. Race/Ethnicity
ii. Gender
iii. Age
c. Locale or environmental factors.

2. Use articles from scholarly sources (medical journals, etc.).

3. Has this been a significant impact on healthcare costs?
a. Direct and Indirect cost.
b. Government burden (Medicaid/Medicare)
c. Employer/Private insurance burden

Paper Formatting

1. The paper must contain at least 8 full-length pages.

2. 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced text, and one-inch margins all around.

3. Include page numbers.

4. Adhere to APA style of formatting details of the paper.

5. Adhere to APA style for citations throughout the paper.

6. Your paper must contain the following parts, as follows:

? Title Page: This should contain paper title, course/section number, your name, professor’s name, and the date.
? Introduction (not a thesis statement)
? Main body
? Conclusion
? Bibliography

7. Provide transitions to the next topic/subject matter that are clear.

8. Have clear topics introducing the subject matter being discussed.

9. The title page and bibliography do not count toward the required page total. Creating unnecessary space throughout the paper, in an attempt to take-up space to complete full pages will result in point deductions.

10. Must have at least three scholarly sources; this can include your textbook.

Grading: Among other things, your paper will be graded partially for its substance, the information used from the sources cited, and the content presented in your paper.