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Case Study: Jackie


Jackie is a 10-year-old Caucasian female who was referred for an evaluation because of academic problems. She is currently in the fifth grade. According to her mother, Jackie has attended the same school since initial enrollment in school, including pre-kindergarten. She has an excellent attendance record, is extremely well-behaved in school, and has an exemplary conduct record in the past. Regarding her academic performance, Jackie is currently experiencing many academic difficulties and has had many academic difficulties in the past. Most recent standardized achievement test results show that she scored below average in Reading, Math, and Language.

Jackie arrived on time for the assessment and was accompanied by her mother. Jackie appeared alert and highly motivated, and appeared to put her best effort into the testing process.



FSIQ and Index Scores Composite Score Percentile Descriptive Classification
Verbal Comprehension (VCI) 104 61
Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI) 102 55
Working Memory Index (WMI) 86 18
Processing Speed Index (PSI) 91 27
Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) 97 42
Subtest Scores Scaled Score Percentile Descriptive Classification
Verbal Comprehension Subtests      
Similarities 11 63
Vocabulary 11 63
Comprehension 11 63
Information 10 50
Word Reasoning 10 50
Perceptual Reasoning Subtests      
Block Design 9 37
Picture Concepts 10 50
Matrix Reasoning 13 84
Picture Completion 10 50
Working Memory Subtests      
Digit Span 8 25
Letter–Number Sequencing 7 16
Arithmetic 10 50
Processing Speed Subtests      
Coding 8 25
Symbol Search 9 37
Cancellation 8 25


  1. Identify the descriptive classifications of the FSIQ, Index scores, and subtest scaled scores.
  2. Interpret Jackie’s Index composite scores and describe what each Index measures. Use the following interpretation of the FSIQ as the format for your answers.


The Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) is an estimate of global intellectual functioning. Jackie’s FSIQ is 97, which is within the average range of intellectual functioning. She scored at the 42nd percentile, which means that her score is equal to or exceeds approximately 42% of the national comparison group.


  • Verbal Comprehension Index
  • Perceptual Reasoning Index
  • Working Memory Index
  • Processing Speed Index


  1. Based on her subtest scores, how would you describe any relative subtest strengths and weaknesses Jackie may have?