Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Case Study Report: the case study should be anonymous. All identifying information should be removed. Should not exceed 2500 words. Should be in arial font with 1.5 line spacing. Each page should be numbered with authors name in the footer. The case study should comprise of: a) title page including a description of the case, the authors name, and the word count. b)Abstract (approx 150 words) c)Introduction including an overview of the clinical condition being treated (e.g. OA knee); rationale for using acupuncture for that specific condition, with supporting evidence which indicates an appropriate review of the literature (600 words). d)Description of the case including the patient profile, HPC, relevant PMH, SH, DH, clinical assessment and examination findings. Details of each treatment should be presented (include obtaining informed consent). The rationale for point selection and aspects of treatment ‘dose’ should be supported by sound clinical reasoning and the best available evidence. Reliable and valid outcome measures should be used to measure treatment effect (1000 words). N.B the descriptions of the patient profile and each treatment session can be presented in a table format, the content of which will be excluded from the overall word count. Body charts used to record symptom presentation before and after treatment are also accepted. e) Discussion including a summary of the case study; an acknowledgement of the limitations; a critical reflection of the treatment used, and suggestions for alternative acupuncture approaches which may have been used producing a potentially different outcome. Highlight any implications for clinical practice or future research (700 words). f) acknowledgements g) reference list