advance medical study for paramedic

advance medical study for paramedic

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Assessment task 1 (a):
You are required to submit a summary of your assignment topic. This summary should be a brief description of your topic, how you will source your literature, and any

other relevant comments.  The latter may include potential problems with sourcing relevant literature, relevance to paramedic practice etc.
•    Maximum of 250 words (no refs required unless quoted)
Assessment topics:
You may choose any one of the five following topics as a base:
1.    What evidence is there to support or reject the use of portable, non-invasive CPAP in the prehospital environment?  Include reference to clinical outcomes and

financial considerations.

2.    Choose one cause of meningitis.  Explain the pathophysiology, presentation and management of such.  Emphasis should be on current emergency treatment.

3.    Explore the history of CAL/COAD/COPD.  How and why have the terms changed? What does current evidence show about the theory of ‘hypoxic drive’ and ‘CO2

retainers’?  Should we withhold oxygen from these patients as a matter of course? Your paper should include a thorough discussion of the acid base derangements

consistent with these diagnoses.

4.    Stroke bypass: what does the evidence tell us about bypassing peripheral hospitals and transporting direct to a stroke unit?  Is there evidence to support

despatch and transport priorities by ambulance services?

5.    There is growing interest in the measurement of lactate levels in critically unwell patients. What is the relationship between increased lactate levels and

mortality rates?  Concentrate on sepsis as opposed to trauma for this unit.

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