Advanced Business Law Legal Aspects of Health Care Business Transactions

The writer needs to be expert in Health Care Law

 These questions is to provide an integrated perspective on applicable law, examination papers must be submitted in the order of the lessons in the book.
 Many lessons provide “essential elements” for analysis of fact patterns that are provided in the examination question. If so, I expect to see you address each essential element that is relevant to the answer in your papers. For example, Chapter 1 provides a five step process for determining whether the Stark Law applies. Whenever Stark is implicated in a question for Chapter 1 and the succeeding Chapters, I expect to see each of the five essential elements separately addressed. The same process applies to the application of the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and its safe harbor regulations, elements of forming enforceable contracts, enforcing restrictive covenants, and other bodies of law.
 ONE SENTENCE ANSWERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. You need to describe why, and sometimes why not, you have formulated your answer.
 Copy the ENTIRE question, including both the facts on which the answers will be based, into your examination paper. I grade papers using remote devices, and I sometimes need to see the entire question to put your answer into perspective. Any paper that does not copy the ENTIRE question will be returned to you ungraded