Against all odds

Order Description

Writer must read Scott Browns autobiography(AGAINST ALL ODDS: MY LIFE OF HARDSHIP,

The objective is to use the story as a case study to demonstrate understanding of the course concept.

After reading the book the writer must answer the following questions 1)
identify what type of abuse the main character was affected by.

Include a definition of this type of abuse and 2 quotes from the story to illustrate its occurrence.

2)identify 3 factors that may contribute/lead to this type of abuse(cause/dynamics.
Explain how this factor existed in this situation and illustrate with specific quotes.
3)identify 3 different typical indicators(cues/clues)of this type of abuse. Explain the presence of this indicators in the story and illustrate with specific quotes.
4)identify 3 different traits of a victim state of mind. Explain how this was displayed by the main character, illustrate with specific quotes.
5)imbed your self in the story and develop an intervention plan for the main character that could be used by a Child and youth worker.
Use what you know about this individual in terms of challenges and strengths,
to outline 3 specific distinct and detailed interventions you would use to facilitate their journey to survivor.
6)Imbed yourself in the story and describe how you would advocate for the individual or how you would engage them in an advocacy project. Illustrate the rationale for your plan with a quote or details from the story. NOTE: QUESTIONS 2,3,4&5 carries the highest mark, writer should focus on this question and this should take the most part of this paper. I want a well written highly professional, free from spelling and grammatical error and excellent writing style. As this would determine my mark. Ensure that before approaching this paper writer must read and understand the book as this is very important for you to be able to answer the questions accordingly.