Analysis Essay

There has been a general misconception when students are asked by their instructors to prepare an analysis essay. Most of the students run towards answering the “what “aspect of the topic to be analyzed. However, caution needs to be taken in every analysis essay since the skills the instructor is looking for are “how and why” of the topic. In writing an analysis essay, the instructor is simply asking that you write about how each part of the item contributes to the whole success of the topic of discussion.

The best way to write an analysis essay is to break down the issue into components and parts that are then discussed individually while still retaining the original idea of the topic. A well-done analysis essay will require plenty of research. The fact that it speaks on a topic does not necessitate a shallow depth. On the contrary, its decomposition requires that each component is researched on its own and addressed independently.

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Analysis essays writing skills are easier to harness, but they equally require a willing mind. In such an assignment, it is best to be as specific as possible. Avoiding generalization is one of the key elements of the essay. By analyzing, the instructor asked for individual extrapolation. Generalizing will show a shallow or no understanding of the topic or its requirements.

What makes a quality analysis essay?

Excellent analysis essays have to stand out by the content of their decomposition and how well they have been done. To achieve this, a good analysis essay needs to have

  1. Organization: The flow of the content from the beginning to the conclusion needs to make sense. The essays should clearly show the kind of work or essay that is being written. The thesis statement should highlight the kind of work that will follow by highlighting some key elements of the topic.
  2. Precision: While the essay calls for a lot of research, the analysis that research and putting it into writing is the toughest job. The work needs to be extremely accurate with plenty of evidential support from your sources. This will enable you to write a precise description of the topic while still making the essay factual and accurate in nature.
  3. Avoid Summarization: This aspect may be easier stated in theory than practiced. It is important to remember that an analytical essay is not a summary. If the essay ends up sounding like a book report, it may be providing a summary of events or characters to the main topic. One way to ensure that there is little or no summarization is to check whether you include your support. If you are simply stating without providing background evidence, you are probably summarizing.

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As you conclude your analytical essay, remember to wrap it up with a brief statement of the main points of your essay. Be brief and to the point without the conclusion being a direct copy of what you have written from the beginning of the essay.