Analysis How does Newspaper Responds the Challenges from New Media

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Analysis how does newspaper responds the challenges from new media


I Introduction


II Main body

1.The history of newspaper


  1. The advantages of newspaper

2.1. Easy to save and repeatable

2.2. Authority

2.3. Initiative of reading


  1. New media pose a threat to newspaper

3.1. The circulation of newspaper gradually reduce or even go out of business

3.2. Due to the form is varied, the newspaper reader tend to older people

3.3. The decline of newspaper advertising


  1. Comparison of southern weekend and The New York Times is how to responds the challenges

4.1. Southern weekend

4.1.1. A simple introduce about southern weekendDone

4.1.2. In-depth reportingDone

4.1.3. To establish the three-dimensional marketing network of newspapers, promoting the value of newspaper advertisingDone

4.1.4. Stimulate the reader’s participation, newspaper publishes the typical netizen comments in the ‘comments page’, to make up for the inadequacy of comments section

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4.2. The New York Times   Please finish

4.2.1. A simple introduce about the New York Times Please finish

4.2.2. Maintain its independent character, by matter-of-factly, restore the truth Please finish

4.2.3. Develop online newspaper, to update the news in time Please finish

4.2.4. In March 2011, it sets up pay walls (Paywall) system, which implements pay for online content, to bring plenty of money Please finish


III Conclusion Please finish