Anomaly Detection of Electricity Consumption

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



this is a case study about anomaly detection of electricity consumption project done in Ireland in any electricity company , i will provide you with a details in the uploaded files

because there is a 5 minute presentation before we due in around a week time , first of all do for me the pwoerpoint slides to represent it for the lecturer about what im going to do
the presentation should cover : 1- · The background for the case study
2- · The goal of the case study
3- The specifics of the methods that have been adopted to develop the Case Study. This may
include contact information, plans, timelines, outlines of questionnaires etc.
4- · What work has been undertaken for the Case Study
5- What work (if any) has yet to be completed for the Case Study
6- An evaluation of updated risks for the case study