answer 4 of the 6 essay questions

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answer 4 of the 6 essay questions. Each should be a standard (5 paragraph) essay. Be as specific as possible in your answers, and use examples to support your arguments where possible. Please cite any specific material you use whether it is from the text or another source. The exam needs to be completed by 11:59 pm, Wednesday, 3/4.
1-How did Christianity expand its influence in Europe and beyond between 1000-1300 CE?
2-How did Mongol policies promote greater contact among the various regions of Afro-Eurasia?
3-Discuss (at least 3) the reasons for the European Age of Exploration and conquests.
4-Discuss the impact of the Black Death on Afro-Eurasia. Include: Why did it spread so rapidly? What impact did it have on societies?

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