Architecture and Urbanism

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


A comparative study looking at Liverpool City and one other city. Using scale based, comparative drawings and text, Students are asked to make one proposal for change in Liverpool based on what they have learnt from their comparative city. 

Focus on one of elements or issue in the city. Transport for example. What might alternate transport systems for Liverpool city be? Research as many different transport systems as you can find, bikes, walking, light rail, heavy rail, bus, cars, helicopters. How would what you have learnt out of international best practice deform the way that transport currently works in Liverpool.

Research into alternate methods of, for example, transport, might mean looking at historical systems – London’s Underground built in the 19th century; canal systems in Europe built in the 18th century. Considering leisure might mean looking at the history of public baths and bathing houses; the history of sporting facilities and considering what the city has now, and how it might operate differently and with what logic.