Argument Essays/Argumentative Papers

While a majority of teachers hold the opinion that argument essays and persuasive papers are of the same nature, it suffices to say that argument essays harbor a stronger claim and are designated for a much persistent audience. For instance, while a persuasive essay may highlight the need for a city to adopt a recycling program, an argument paper may expound the same topic by focusing on a particular town. The argument paper would provide an in-depth analysis into how the recycling program should be conducted, and how it should be utilized as well.

Successful argument essays are simply based on the amount of evidence one has on a debatable issue. The best way for one to check whether their topic is debatable is by referring to the thesis of the argument. An argument does not stem from a factual statement; it is built from a position of belief. Fundamental questions that need to be asked include but not limited to:

  1. Would other people be able to debate about my position? What would their positions be?
  2. Does my position present a simple “yes” or “no” response?
  3. Is there sufficient scholarly evidence to support my argument? Is my argument baseless or does it hinge on religions, cultural beliefs among other things?
  4. Does the position I have taken address a specific topic or is it a general view?

Not sure which direction your argument essays will take?

In life, there will be numerous instances where you will adopt a more partial stance on issues. However, when it concerns argument essays, that partiality goes out of the window.

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Most often than not, even before writing about the topic, a majority of people have usually already chosen a side. Picking a side to back in a way puts you in control of that situation. You need to provide a stance as if that matter solely depends on you.

Go on the offense, expose the opposition!

This is perhaps one of the most important rules of argument essays. While you pick a stand, the language, and tone of your defense matters in the argument essays. Take a side of the argument by implicating the opposing side’s faults and weaknesses in their argument. By doing, you will be able to highlight your understanding of the topic as well as demonstrate a lack of bias.

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Argument essays rely on the trust of the reader. By going for the opposition’s jugular, you create a platform of trust between you and the reader. The best way of making your argument strong is by weakening the opposition’s argument. For one to successfully do that, they will need to immerse themselves in the opposing side’s shoes and get the reasoning of the side in which they are coming from. Argument essays written based on this foundation remain relevant and specific. They don’t generalize the entire essay but thoroughly expose either the flaws or strengths of issues.