Argumentive Essay for Organisational Behaviour.

Argumentive Essay for Organisational Behaviour.

Choose any ONE ofthe following topics for your individual essay. Please ensure that you use a critical approach and raise arguments for against. Your arguments need to be well supported by relevant research (academic journals mainly). Please see unit outline for more

1. Money and other financial rewards are a fundamental part ofthe employment relationship and can be used effectively in motivating employees. Discuss pros and cons ofthis argument.

2. Designing jobs that meet the characteristics of skill variety, autonomy and feedback, can result in improved motivation and work effectiveness. Discuss the pros and cons ofthis argument.

3. Learning has been defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior that takes place as a result of a person’s interaction with the environment. Based on this definition it would appear that mangers would find it hard to change the behavior of employees. Discuss.

4. Stereotyping is a form of categorical thinking that helps people make sense ofthe world. Discuss how stereotyping can benefit employees and also its potential problems.