Art q

1. Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something; it looks like the thing itself.” (Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein) What do you think Roy meant by this statement? Consider the style characteristics of Pop Art in your answer (You could also use the Internet to research more about Roy Lichtenstein’s works of art).
2. Choose a piece of art from the PowerPoint and discuss how that artist’s work uses iconic images, mass appeal, and artistic concepts like color and balance to achieve its Pop Art appearance. PowerPoint attached
3. What do you think the artist is attempting to tell you? What can this art tell you about the artist and or the world around you? In this picture

4. Is contemporary art different in other cultures and if so in what way? Do they in some way share a common idea? Why would contemporary art be different than that of the past?
5. Are there similarities you found or any common elements contemporary art shared with other cultures?

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