article analysis

article analysis

Read item 1–the first article– from your theme reading list for the semester. These articles are available under Course Documents. All of these articles are examples of content analysis.

Briefly summarize the article in terms of

* What questions did the author(s) have when they started this research? What were they wondering about?
* According to the article, what have other researchers said about this topic?
* What hypothesis or hypotheses or research questions were there and what variables were used?
* What type of research was done?
* What were the basic findings?

Then give your response to the article:

* Did you agree or disagree with any hypotheses that were stated? Did you think the research questions were interesting? Do you think the conclusions were correct?
* Did the research seem to be done well? Did the researcher(s) make any of the errors of human inquiry that Babbie describes? How did the researcher(s) try to avoid such errors?
* Based on this article, in your opinion, what new research needs to be done on this topic?