Assignment of Education Psychology

Assignment of Education Psychology

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This assignment is basic on the previous assignment.And our topic you can see from our previous assignment is “Why men are more violent than women?” And i will send

you a guideline for this assignment.

Lab Assignment 2: Methods

The purpose of this assignment is to help you design an instrument that will allow you to collect data to answer your research question. We will provide you with

feedback that should help you improve your instrument, so we ask that you do not begin collecting data before receiving your feedback and grade.

Due Date
Friday, March 13th, 2015

All assignments should be submitted to the d2l dropbox by 10:00 pm on the due date.  We encourage you to submit early in case problems arise due to your computer,

internet access, or the d2l site.  If you are unable to submit due to one of these problems, you MUST email your TA the assignment by 10:00 pm on the due date.

Only one person in each group needs to submit the assignment and the TAs will only grade one assignment per group. Please be sure to include the names of all group

members so that everyone receives credit. Students who submitted the assignment into the dropbox are responsible for distributing the feedback received from TAs to all

group members.

Your assignment should be no more than 2-3 double spaced pages.  Please note the 2-3 page limit does not include your instrument or references.  Feel free to use more

space to create a well-designed instrument.  You must type all assignments and make full use of spell check/grammar check features.  We will not waste time trying to

interpret poor grammar.  All assignments must be in APA format.  We do not require cover sheets, but you must use appropriate section headings and references when


The assignment is worth 25 points.  You will be graded on the description and appropriateness of your methodological approach, design, sample, and procedure.  We will

also be grading on how well your instrument matches your research question and allows you to collect quality data that will help you to answer your research question.

As always, grammar, editing, and the general ease of reading in your assignment are important.

For this assignment, you will need to draft a plan and instrument for data collection.  You should plan on collecting data from 10-15 people if you are doing a survey

and 3-6 people if you are doing an interview.  If you plan on making observations, plan a minimum of 3 observations at least 5-10 minutes in length, but feel free to

make more or longer observations as well.  Just keep in mind that you will have to code your observations for emerging themes, so it is important to only collect as

much information as you think you can handle.

Your assignment must include:

•    Research question and hypothesis, with appropriate revisions from Lab#1
o    Your paper must begin with your research question and hypothesis.
o    Revise the research question and hypothesis if necessary according to your TA’s feedback from Assignment 1.
o    Please note: You are not resubmitting your entire Assignment 1.  We are only asking you show that you have incorporated the feedback you received on your

research question and hypothesis.

•    Description of your selected research method AND design
o    State whether your method is quantitative, qualitative, or mixed.
?    Be sure to demonstrate correct understanding of this approach.
o    Explain why you have chosen this method.
o    State your chosen design (e.g., descriptive, correlational, experimental, case study, interview, focus group, ethnography).
?    Be sure to demonstrate correct understanding of this design.
o    Explain why this design is appropriate to answering your research question.

•    Description of your preferred sample
o    Describe who you plan to be in your sample
?    Include all relevant participant characteristics (e.g., gender, age, college major, relationship status)
o    Describe where you will locate your sample.
o    Describe how you will recruit people to be included. This is separate from where you will locate them.
o    Explain why this sample is appropriate for answering your research question
o    Explain your reason(s) for being interested in this specific population.

•    Create Your Instrument
o    Create the data collection instrument you plan on using for your study.  Do not simply describe it in words— you need to include an exact copy of the

instrument that you plan to distribute/administer to your participants.  Be sure that all of the items on your instrument will ultimately help you answer your research

question.  In addition, pay attention to how your instrument is formatted.  It should be as easy as possible for your participants to answer.
o    If you are doing a survey, include a copy of the survey you plan to use.
?    Surveys should include 5-15 items.
o    If you are doing interviews, include a list of your planned interview questions.
?    Interviews should include 5-10 questions.
o    If you are doing observations, include an example of what your field notes will look like.
?    Field notes should include a description of the location of the observation, the time of day, the number of people, and what they are doing.  You must include

all relevant information from the setting that you think will help address your research question.  Be sure to include your thoughts about your observations.
o    If you are doing an experiment, include your planned procedures and describe how you will measure your variables.
?    Be sure to define your independent and dependent variables.
?    Procedures must include step-by-step instructions for conducting the experiment, including designated groups, planned “treatments” or conditions, and

measurement instruments.
Group Member 1 (Kaiwei Que)

Group Member 2 (Han Han)

Why men are more violent than women?

In the daily life, it’s easy to see that men are more violent than women. Just like family violence, fighting in the sports game and etc. In many way, men seems have

bad tempered. It’s extremely hard to find a fight between girls. So, here are some questions coming. Why males are more likely to use fight to response strains and

whether different genders have not same emotions.
Through this research, we can find out the source of men being violent than women, to avoid accident and tragedy. For example, if we have the result of the research,

normal can use research to solve their issue and prevent bad things happen.
In further research, we want to study the external factor that will affect and shape people’s mind. We need that target those people who have indicate shows that

they are easy to be angry and use violence, what is the difference between these specific to normal people.

According to the research paper ‘Do boys fight and girls cut?’ Researchers hold the opinion that males and females experience different emotions in response to

strain leading to different deviant outcomes, claim that the mediation of strain by negative affect in the pathway to deviance using both a measure of externalizing

deviance more commonly found among males. It means men prefer to use using externally analyze others and shows their anger directly. In other words men are more

There is a chart which can represent the statistical data about how male and female would react:
Panel A: Males    Panel B: Females
n    Mean    SD    n    Mean    SD
Grade 9    498    .29    .45    631    .29    .45
Grade 10    498    .25    .43    631    .28    .45
Grade 11    498    .23    .42    631    .23    .42
Grade 12    498    .24    .43    631    .19    .39
Non-White    498    .35    .48    631    .32    .47
Self-Control    498    11.32**    2.25    631    11.76    2.20
Negative Social Events    498    5.41***    2.21    631    6.43    2.66
Extreme Negative Events    498    7.02***    2.54    631    8.23    3.24
Threatening Events    498    .51**    .74    631    .38    .72
Anger    498    12.04    2.55    631    11.90    2.54
Depression    498    4.21***    1.47    631    4.77    1.59
Fighting    494    .22***    .42    624    .10    .31
Cutting    498    .06***    .23    631    .14    .35