Basic Research Report

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SS3150 Research Methods
Assessment Preparation Checklist:
To prepare for this assessment:
• Read Chapters 1 and 2 from your textbook, Research Methods and Society: Foundations of Social Inquiry. These readings introduce the concepts of social research and ways to conduct it.
• Review the Module 1 lesson, which discusses the concept of social research and ways to conduct it.
Title: Basic Research Report
Interview 10 people on “What type of breakfast do you prefer,” and prepare a basic research report. Your research report should have the following structure:
• Introduction: State a clear and testable hypothesis or a statement where you take a position of either side to be tested.
• Body: List the setting and parameters of your experiment, including the estimated age, sex, and race of the individuals, and the time/setting of their encounter. Also, provide the details of the encounter.
• Conclusion: Discuss your findings, state whether your initial hypothesis was correct or not, and provide a rationale for your answer. Also, provide details of anything or anyone that stood out in the experiment. List any future recommendations for this type of research, including things you would keep the same or change.
Submission Requirements:
Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:
• Font: Arial; 10-Point