Brand used for the midterm project: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

Brand used for the midterm project: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

Your mission for the Midterm Project is to develop a situation analysis and strategy statement for the brand you chose at the beginning of the semester. This is your opportunity to showcase the strategic skills you have learned up until to this point. Your detailed situation analysis and strategy statement must include the following information:

Step 1: Target Market Analysis and Targeting Strategy

Describe your brand’s top three current target market segments (primary, secondary, and tertiary). Name each segment and craft a description that includes geodemographics, demographics, psychographics (AIOs), and behaviors.
Based on your analysis and informed opinion of the current marketplace (including market trends), please describe the most viable market segment for this brand — your recommended core customer. Explain the reasoning behind your choices.
Develop a customer profile for this segment, including pictures and other details depicting the customer’s activities, interests, and opinions — perhaps “a day in the life” of this customer.

Step 2: Competitor Analysis and Positioning Strategy

Describe your brand’s top three competitors. Describe each competitors’ company history, key product lines and services, pricing, brand identity, distribution channels, and promotional strategy. Don’t forget to include news and other announcements or customer reviews of your competitors.
Explain the five key benefits that your brand offers over its competitors (competitive advantage).
Using a perceptual map, describe your brand’s current position and differentiation strategies. Now that you know what you know, do you still believe the company’s current strategy is sufficient? What are your recommendations?

Step 3: Audit of the Brand’s Current Marketing Promotional Strategy

First, please use the four-part system below to audit your brand’s current promotional activities.
The Good — Based on your research and informed opinion, what is your brand doing well (e.g., with its account direction/strategy)?
The Bad — Based on your findings, what is your brand not doing well?
The Ugly — What is your brand doing that may have dire consequences for its future success? What opportunities is the brand ignoring, at its own risk?
The Recommendation — Based on your audit and informed opinion, what suggestions will help your brand improve its success in the marketplace?
Finally, using the strategy statement outline from Module 3, craft a revised strategy statement based on all of the research, observations, and recommendations you have developed throughout your situation analysis.

Additional Comments/Instructions:

Length/Format. The length of the promotional plan and leave-behind depends on what you need to communicate. Be sure to include color, graphics, photographs, brand elements, etc., wherever appropriate. Your report must reflect your chosen company’s brand image and personality.

Project Due Date & Time. The due date for your midterm is the end of Module 7. You will submit your project in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Late projects will NOT be accepted.

Content. Please use this project to demonstrate your knowledge from this class and any previous classes at every opportunity. Discuss your ideas with your classmates and ask for advice regarding any challenges you may be having; seeking the opinions and advice of other professionals is a common practice among marketers.

Research. Your project must be rooted in research. Support your claims using secondary sources. Your research should include publications or academic journals that pertain to your report. You absolutely must give proper credit to the sources of your research, including websites and competitor annual reports, editorials, or advertisements.

Works Cited. You must give credit for all research used for this project. Please use footnotes or endnotes to cite your references. Visit this site for more details on citing sources in a professional and academic manner.

Presentation. Your midterm project must reflect overall professional quality, with attention to formatting as well as usage and detail. Thoroughly proofread your writing to ensure there are no grammatical, spelling, or stylistic errors. In addition to impeccable presentation of content, you will be graded on the design and presentation of your report. Please ensure your project is attractively and compellingly designed, including the use of color, graphics, illustrations, and photographs, to enhance both readability and interest. You should use this project to sharpen your ability to communicate your ideas both verbally and visually. Keep in mind that marketing is about strategy and creativity, and that substance should always be supported by style.

Project Grading. The following is a list of the criteria I will use to grade your midterm project.

Application and Content:
Application of marketing concepts
Thoroughness; project instructions were followed

Depth of analysis
Persuasiveness of recommendations

Documentation of inferences
Depth and breadth of literature sources

Clarity, precision, and succinctness
Overall quality of writing; use of proper grammar and punctuation

Professionalism (organization/style):
Overall professional quality
Attractiveness and readability; formatting and usage of organizational tools


To analyze the current situation, customers, and competitors for a major U.S brand, conduct an audit of the brand’s current promotional materials, and recommend steps for improvement.