brief report

brief report

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You are a member of the management group of your virtual business. At a recent staff meeting, one
of your colleagues mentioned they had read an interesting article about business. Your Group Senior
Manager is interested in hearing more about the issue in the article, particularly with respect to how
it may impact on your organisation.
Article is attached. The article will be focused on
a specific issue (or issues) which will be identified for you in broad outline. The article is just an
example of the issue and should be used as a stimulus for further investigation of it. You should
research the issue in the article and locate additional relevant pieces of evidence on the same topic.
Summarise the key points about the issue across all pieces of evidence and think about what they
may mean for your organisation.
Write a concise (500 word) business brief that summarises the issue and consider the implications
for your virtual business. You should use the 500 words to introduce the issue, summarise the key
points about it and analyse its implications for your virtual organisation. Conclude with a short
statement that sums up the main points of the brief.
This assessment relies on you applying a key idea from an article to your Virtual Business.

Please find attached files of:

*Assignment instructions.
* the article
*Criteria used to assess

the tutor she sent us this email read what she say:

Remember the name of this subject is Management, the purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking like a manager. So it’s not a summary of the article. The issue

of the article is the launching pad for your academic research, then bring back that research to how you would manage that issue in your business (VBD) and its


found a couple of resources to assist you in referencing, specifically in-text citations. Check out


Important things:
What is a Brief?
A very short persuasive text to get the board to investigate the issue further. 500 Words so be very concise.
About the article
READ IT (fast)
– Just get an overview
– READ IT AGAIN (Slower)
– 1. Summary of the issue
– 2.Implications for management of virtual business
– NOTE: Issue is not the article but the underlying SUBJECT MATTER.

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