Business Idea: a Laundry Service Company

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


An assessment “Elevator Pitch” I have to present a business idea.
I have an idea which is a laundry service company.
I will upload a file, I have wrote my idea and some notes for you to understand the idea.
There are 5 questions under “Elements of the elevator pitch” which need to be answer so that I can present the idea.

I would like you to go through it and then answer the questions in the Elements of the elevator pitch in a way that I can read it and easy to present it. I have answered some of the points but it might not be good, so you can rewrite it, add whatever you want and complete the rest.

After that, I will upload a Business Model Canvas sheet, after you finish writing (answering the 5 questions) by then you will get enough information about my idea, I need you to fill up this sheet please ( I will upload a PDF which might help you to solve this sheet)


Elements of the elevator pitch:

  • What’s the problem or wish/want you’ve identified?
  • Who are you?
  • What’s your solution: problem-solution fit!
  • How are you different? Why can you beat competition?
  • How do you make money and how much?