Cam Design

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MAE341 Spring 2015 Individual Cam Design Project Description: Design a plate cam with a translating roller follower. The plate cam is to rotate clockwise at a constant 400rpm rotational speed. The follower starts with a dwell, and starts to rise at 0 0 to a lift of 2.5in. And then it returns with a deceleration first. During the next 1in. of its return stroke, it must have a constant velocity of 40in./sec. Then it returns to a dwell for the last 0 60 of the cam rotation. The roller follower has a positive offset of 1in. (1) Using standard motions (e.g., uniform; simple harmonic; cycloidal; polynomial, etc.), suggest standard motions for each segment for this high speed operation (there are five segments total), and determine the corresponding lifts and cam rotation angles for each segment of the displacement diagram. Determine y y = ( ) θ for each segment of the displacement diagram. Plot the displacement diagram ( y y = ( ) θ vs. θ ), the first order kinematic coefficient diagram ( y ‘ vs. θ ) and the second order kinematic diagram ( y ” vs. θ ). (2) Determine the cam profile layout. The roller is to have a diameter of 1in. Determine the minimum required prime circle radius if the pressure angle is not to exceed 0 30 . Plot the cam profile. Deliverables: Submit a report with all of your work for this design project (i.e., all the equations you have used and all of the calculations, etc.). Include your computer code and the plots in your report.