Campaign strategy Plan for NGO

Campaign strategy Plan for NGO

Instructions for Campaign strategy:

•    Includes 1,800-2,000 word campaign plan document and supporting communications materials.

Based on an NGO / charity campaign communications brief, which will be handed out during class, you will research and develop a strategic campaign plan. Your campaign

strategy document should include:
•    Situation analysis (research into the brief; power analysis etc)
•    Allies and targets and where they stand on the issue now: eg ministers, MPs, civil servants, your members / supporters, media, business leaders, celebrities /

ambassadors, beneficiaries, other not for profit organisations
•    SMART campaign objectives with a clearly stated choice of model, eg behaviour and / or policy and / or practice change
•    Your strategy plus a rationale for why you have chosen that approach (eg insider / outsider; policy window; behaviour change etc)
•    Creative theme, messaging and tactics (both online and offline as appropriate, to include lobbying, supporter engagement and media tactics)
•    An indicative timeline (eg when and where should this launch? What milestones / news hooks will take place during the first 3 months?) and ideas for evaluating


Your strategy must be accompanied by at least 2 of the following communications materials:

a news release(Must); email action alert; series of Tweets; infographic; short video or video treatment; or ideas for an app, all designed to showcase media hooks in

the campaign and engage your stakeholders.

Tips for preparing your campaign strategy:

a.    Read the briefs carefully and look at the organisations’ websites, including their news archives and recent news coverage.
b.    Think about the constraints these organisations work under, and their opportunities for alliances and supporter engagement. Who has the power to create the

change the brief calls for? What model of social change might help deliver that?
c.    Read Chris Rose and / or Brian Lamb’s and / or Aidan Rickett’s books on campaign planning (see reading list).

The NGO we are choosing is :

WaterAid, either as an international campaign or in your country
19 November 2015 will be UN World Toilet Day, a day of action to increase access to toilets and sanitation for everyone. Billions of people lack access to sanitation,

which has huge health and social impacts.

You work for WaterAid in your country / a country of your choice, and in 2015 you will be focusing on access to sanitation for women, particularly in the global south.

Develop a campaign that increases safe access for women to sanitation, building on the successes of previous World Toilet Day campaigns while developing distinct new

approaches for 2015. You could take a variety of approaches to this campaign, from awareness and behaviour change to corporate or government policy change.

For background see:

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