Canadian Critical Analysis Paper

Canadian Critical Analysis Paper

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Critical analysis paper
For this assignment, I would like for you to choose a Canadian cultural text (a song, a painting, a photograph, a piece of literature etc) and write a 8-10 page paper

on it in relation to one course reading and one academic article you?ve found on your own. I would like for you to demonstrate how the readings you?ve chosen help you

to interpret the text and how your cultural product confirms or subverts the theoretical information the articles provide. Essentially, this assignment has two

elements: you will need to demonstrate a) a good grasp of the main ideas of the readings you?ve chosen and b) a clear understanding of how these ideas can be applied

to a given text. This assignment is due on March 24.
NB: Since you might choose texts which are not necessarily well-known, it would be a good idea to provide in your paper a detailed (approximately 3/4s of a page)

description of the one you?re writing on.

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