Case study on Ryanair

Case study on Ryanair

Assessment scenario (This Case Study provides the context of your assignment)
You are Head of Marketing at Ryanair and have been tasked by the Board to produce a report as a starting point for discussion on the position Ryanair should adopt over the next three years.
Your assignment MUST be in report format ONLY and MUST include all sources of information in a ‘References’ section using Harvard APA Referencing. Students must use tables/diagrams and bullet points wherever possible to present the key elements of a professional business report.
Students should refer to appropriate theory learned to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and have read the set book. Not all subject areas will be covered in lectures and seminars, students are expected to study independently and read/research extensively.
The word count is 1500 words.
Please note the weighting for each task and divide the word count up appropriately.
Assignment requirements
1.    Conduct an external audit in which the company operates (PESTLE).
All sections should be completed and contain Harvard referenced evidence.
There must be a minimum of two factors in each section of your PESTLE.
i.    What is happening in the external environment?
ii.    Does it pose threats or opportunities to your company?
iii.    What impact do these factors have on your business strategy and corporate objectives?    20

2.    From the PESTLE, conduct a SWOT analysis on the organisation (10).
Students should analyse the information and be able to draw a conclusion from the SWOT analysis (10).    20

3.    From the SWOT analysis, identify the four fundamental areas within which marketing objectives may be defined (8).
Give four SMART marketing objectives which the company could pursue in priority order (12).    20

4.    Give two examples of the various types of marketing strategies that the company could adopt (6).
Then identify which type(s) of strategy the company will adopt and why you have chosen that strategy (4)    10

5.    Marketing programmes – Draw up a series of 4 planned marketing actions which you have identified from the marketing strategies (5).
Outline why you have chosen these actions (5).     10

6.    Transferable skills: Business Report format, tables/diagrams labelled, spelling and grammar (10).
APA Referencing (10)    20