Case Study – Radicor Hotel

Case Study – Radicor Hotel

Order Description

It’s the video case study of the Hospitality Management, and it’s divided 2 parts.
Task 1 need 750 words.

Task 2 need 1500 words.

Task 1
Consider which stakeholders you will address concerning the poor review of the Abbey restaurant
Post to the student forum the following:
1.    Your own prioritised list of stakeholders
2.    A response to the number one stakeholder from your list (word limit 750)
3.    Details of how you will deliver this response
4.    A list of what key actions should be taken in the first 24 hours after the poor review appeared in the media
5.    Your reasons for this list of prioritised actions

Task 2
Explore the strategic direction of the Food and Beverage Department within the construct of the overall strategy for the Radicor Hotel, Darling Harbour.