Case Study: Sherri

Case Study: Sherri

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Sherri has always found writing very difficult since she was in kindergarten. She was recently diagnosed with a learning disability in expressive writing. Now that

Sherri is in the fourth grade, whenever it is “Writing Time,” she avoids getting started. She, takes much longer than the other students because Sherri just can’t

decide what to write. In addition, Sherri’s handwriting is not very legible and her spelling often does not make sense.

Furthermore, Sherri’s academic struggles are now also negatively impacting her behavior. She sits with her head down or acts out in order to be asked to leave the

class leading to problems with her writing progress. After meeting with the other teachers and Sherri’s mother, they decided to talk with the school’s special

education director to see what can be done to help improve Sherri’s writing as well as her avoidance behaviors.

As the special education teacher, please respond to the following:
•What would you suggest the next steps be for Sherri’s teachers to help strengthen her writing skills in terms of assistive technology? (Include examples of the

technology device, cost)

•How it can be implemented in the classroom?

•What are the pros and cons of the device?(can she take it home?)

•What would you suggest to Sherri’s mother to make completing homework assignments that require writing manageable?

Please complete one of the two options for the response:
•Option 1 – Form a written response

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