Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay; what are they? Let EssayHelpExperts define for you

 A simple definition of a cause and effect essay is an essay that is concerned with the reasons as to why things happen as they did and the results that come about as a result of those happenings. This essay is a common theme used in the discussion and organization of ideas. Such an essay is used in the identification of patterns as well as attempting to explain why things happened the way they did. It may be challenging to choose a topic of cause and effect, but one way is by keeping it as simple as possible.

Cause and effect essay writing help with essay help experts

  1. It is important to distinguish between the “cause “and the “effect” side of the discussion. “Why did this event take place” will help you answer the cause side of things. At the same time, “what occurrence happened as a result of this event” will guide you in getting the effects of that occurrence.
  2. Narrow a large topic down: For instance, what is the reason the Great Depression took place? There may be countless reasons that attributed to this event. However, a majority of scholars and business experts attribute it to the Stock Market Crash. Therefore, take the conversation and start it from that point. This has already narrowed your scope of causes to one or a few that will be easy to detail.
    At the same time, after you have chosen the reason for the occurrence of the event, you can further break the causes down to different categories. In the event that the causes were more than one, you can categories them into social reasons, economic factors, as well as political. This instantly affects the understanding of the reader by putting them in the environment you want them to be.
  3. Clearly, develop your thesis statement: By virtue of the distinguishable nature of the essay, there are already two designated sides of any topic. As for you, there needs to be a clear path from your thesis as to which side you will be addressing. Is it the “cause” side, the “effect” side or both of them? This will enable you to find and organize your supporting material that will help you provide support to whichever side of the coin you will be supporting.

Cause and Effect Essay writing style with essayhelpexperts

 Since this kind of essay is a “factor and consequence” kind of writing, there needs to be a specific kind of writing designated for its structural composition. Majority of these essays put into use transitions that blend the facts and results smoothly showing the event from its conception to its conclusion.

In extrapolating the causes, examples of transitions used include first, second, because, another one is, due to among others. In relation to the effects, examples of effects are bu, not limited to, therefore, as a result, consequently, thus, resulted in among others.

Adapting this writing style will ensure that the cause and effect essay retains its complete nature, by addressing both sides of the topic and showing how one event causes a ripple effect to the results