Choose one work of public art in the city of Philadelphia and develop an argument about the works functions in its location.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


To develop the argument you should observe how it exists and how people interact with it. You should the research the artist or organization responsible for the work in the placement of the work in the specific location. good question ask and thinking about how the art functions and public space are : why did the artist/ organizations choose a place the work they did? when is the art placed in the location? what is a location like today? is the work achieving the states goals of the artist/organization? How and why? What Imoact does the artwork have in the urban environment? How and why? How does this specific example of public art fit into the broader functions of art in urban settings? Be sure to include information about the art itself, the creation and display process and context for understanding your argument about this particular work of Art. 
I need four work citied sources in MLA format. 
I would like to use work sited and relate to the text of;
Senie, Harriet F. “Reframing Public Art: Audience 
Use, Interpretation, and Appreciation.”

Should include a strong thesis as well as arguments and counter arguments to support the thesis. 

I was initially using the Rocky Statue located at the art museum and how it attracts an array of individuals for photo ops and its appearances in large movies.