chose one of the following essay titles that you feel it is familiar to you .

chose one of the following essay titles that you feel it is familiar to you .
1.    Critically discuss the social, cultural and economic influences on the design of a service within a health system.
2.    Health care managers in the NHS face increasingly difficult decisions due to scarcity of resources and growing demand. Critically discuss factors that

influence and shape the setting of health care priorities in an increasingly challenging economic climate.
3.    Critically compare the influence of the social, cultural and economic context on the organisation of two health systems.

The word limit is 3,000 words. ( no more than 3000 words )
PLEASE NOTE: Assignments exceeding this limit by more than 10 words will incur a 10 mark penalty. All students are required to display a word count on the front of all

summative assignments. Students who fail to include a word count, or who include an inaccurate word count will incur a penalty of 3 marks. It should be noted that

penalties will be cumulative.

•    The assessment for this module has been designed to allow you to demonstrate through critical discussion, your understanding of the underpinning concepts and

approaches to public health practice and epidemiology.
•    The taught component will give you an introductory insight which will enable you to address any of the questions.  However, a successful answer will

demonstrate that you have read further on the subject and are able to critically evaluate and apply that knowledge.

•    Your assignment should be written as an essay, containing:

•    An Introduction – objectives of the essay and the key areas you are exploring, and your approach to the question.

•    Main Body – development of your key arguments with critical analysis of selected theory or literature i.e. its strengths and weaknesses, advantages and

disadvantages and/or comparison of different theoretical perspectives.  Include a joining sentence between each paragraph to explain how you are developing your

arguments and approach to the question.  Remember to write in paragraphs that develop a particular aspect or theme of the essay (i.e. avoid stringing together a series

of single line sentences or ‘paragraphs’).

•    Conclusion – a summary of the main arguments you have presented in your main body and your analysis of the essay question.