City Parking Finder

City Parking Finder

“City Parking Finder” and this file will tell you a brief description on what City Parking Finder is all about. The SECOND file that I will upload is “Create Messaging

Overview” and this file is the table that you need to create in a Word Document and FILL THEM IN! The THIRD file that I will upload is the “examples” and in this file,

I have provided you with 2 examples, one company is called the “kindr” and the other one is “BEVVY.COM.”

So basically, this assignment is about creating a message overview on the company & product that I have chosen which is “City Parking Finder” Follow the 7 steps

instructions below carefully:

1. The first thing that you need to do is read the “City Parking Finder” file so you get the idea of what City Parking Finder is all about. Then after that, create the

table (shown in the “create messaging overview” file).

2. Then at the top of the table, you need to write the (name of the company & product) which mine is “City Parking Finder”, then also write (One sentence positioning

statement about City Parking Finder) see the “BEVVY.COM” example at the top of the table where it says (Bevvy is a nightlife reservation site that offers………).

3. Then you start with the (Core Target Audience), write down in the table that you create who is the core target audience for City Parking Finder.

4. Now, you start with your BRAND PROMISES (i.e. benefits). Remember to prioritize your most important brand promises. Then articulate your most important OFFERINGS

for each audience.

5. Then, create compelling NARRATIVES to put your BRAND PROMISES into context.

6. Then, provide the PROOF POINTS that shows you deliver on your BRAND PROMISES

7. Lastly, create your “ELEVATOR PITCH” or “one sentence positioning statement.

Remember that my company & product is “City Parking Finder.