Coca-Cola and its Marketing.(Requires research)

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Coca-Cola actively advertises and engages on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Which social media marketing tools do they use? What advertisement methods do they use? How do they conduct their campaigns? What are the possible risks of using social media in this way? How could they improve the way they use social media for advertising/marketing?

These are the questions that needs to be covered in the essay. The important thing is to strengthen the ideas by using references from books mainly. PLEASE be careful with plagiarism as it is a Coca-Cola case!!!! I will be glad if you have a page or 2 of references. The main 5 important thing about the essay is Intellectual Qualities Expressed, Structural Organisation , Level of Reading, Quality of Referencing, Writing Style. If you can put an emphasise on Intellectual Qualities Expressed and Level of Reading, it would be great. About the words will be used in the essay, please make it good academic english but not too many hard words.