College Admission Essay

College admission essay has become a primary requirement for admission to most colleges and universities. Moreover, apart from providing information on your grades and tests, scholarship applications will also require one to make an admission essay.   In an admission essay, personal information is shared and thus allowing the selection committee to know you better.  You give details on your goals, lessons learned in life, your guiding philosophy, and even information on your financial status. Writing of the college admission essay gives you a chance to prove your worth and at the same time allowing you to distinguish yourself from others. A well thought out, and written essay will automatically guarantee you success.

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Key points to writing a good college admission essay:

  • Think carefully about the question. Put down the main points and use them to come out with the structure of your college admission essay.
  • Note that you are competing with others, and hence you need to be creative in your ideas. Every point should show your uniqueness. Let your admission essay be captivating to the point that the reader feels as if they already know you. The ideas in your essay should flow because it makes whoever is reading build trust.
  • Put in mind that the selection panel is looking for somebody whose philosophy and view of life is in tandem with the mission of the institution. As such, tailor your college admission essay to depict this aspect and in so doing you increase your chances of succeeding. Remember, you should be convincing.
  • Always ask your closest confidants of their perception of you to help find out what to write about yourself. Letters of recommendation are another area where you can source for information about what others think of you. Look at the achievements as enumerated in your resume and carefully weave them into your essay.
  • Don’t let your essay be a repetition of your application letter or your resume. An essay should be elaborate and concrete.
  • Write naturally and avoid ambiguous vocabulary that may portray you as boastful.
  • Ensure that you strictly follow the instructions given for your college admission essay. Adhere to the issues of font size, the number of words, typed or handwritten essay, and whether to appear on the application form or a separate piece of paper. By following the guidelines as given, will portray you as a disciplined and observant person, hence a plus on your side.
  • How your essay appears is vital. Check on your word spelling and ensure that your article is grammatically correct. The only contact the selection panel has is the paper before them. Let it show you as a qualified and organized person.
  • It is important to save your essay for, you may need to use these same ideas in another place. Remember, whenever you reuse ideas to make them sound original for different situations. Always put in mind the college admission essay topic and endeavor to do justice to it. Let your pen and the ideas that flow in it open for you opportunities far and wide through your admission essay.

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