Creating Memorable College Essays

Personal statement or college essays are becoming an in-demand component of the majority of selective colleges nowadays especially during the application stage. They have become important tools for the selection committees in decision-making time. The college essays or personal statement say a whole lot about the character of the student which would rather be hard to depict from the grade scores. Majority of admission committees would rather admit a student with exceptional high school scores. However, the number of admissions with similar scores and grades are usually astronomical. To differentiate these students, the committees use the recommendation letters, extracurricular activity sheets as well as the college essays or personal statements.

College Essay Writing Help

So what do the college essays do for you? The college essays give you an opportunity to do something the test scores and grades don’t; tell your story. College essays set you apart by focusing on your unique character, upbringing, personality, and background. Be truthful about yourself, highlighting the strong points as well the one you consider weak. Mention how you are addressing the weak links and how they have made you who you are.

Nonetheless, just like the grades and test scores, the admission officers have the same tough task of going through a lot of essays. It is imperative that a college essay does not try to portray you as smart. Rather, it should highlight how true you are to yourself. It is advised that you write about something that is engrained in you; something that you strongly believe in and care about. The admission officers are attracted to an essay that has life, passion, truthfulness and a person that will champion the spirit of the institution.

Pointers of lasting College Essays

  1. It is important that you write something that concerns you, and not anything else. You can highlight an experience, a book or a person, but mention how that thing has had an influence in your life, character and or personality.
  2. Be truthful and modest about who you are and what you are talking about. There is no need to write about a fictitious persona only for you to turn out different when admitted. While the college essay provides a platform to advertise oneself, it should not promise much a deliver little.
  3. Express yourself in detail. You will have only one chance, and that is to impress the admission officer in absentia. Tell things about yourself that add life to your story. Don’t be too rigid and confined to academic topics. College essays need to highlight the all rounded nature of a student. Focusing on your all-roundedness will endear you to the office and ensure that you set yourself apart from the pile.
  4. Most importantly, answer the question that was posed by the admission committee. Do not beat around the bush by extrapolating things that were not required. Stay grounded, principled and deliver a college essay that stands out and stands firm.