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Scenario: Your supervisor has asked you to explore a company that your organization is thinking about purchasing. Your job is to begin an initial analysis of the company. You will write a professional email to your supervisor that describes your findings.
Note: This is an individual assignment.
Action Items
1. Read the two most recent annual reports of the company you have been assigned.
a. Go to the company’s Web site. Typically, the annual report will be stored on the Investor Relations page of the company’s Web site.
b. Locate and read the last two annual reports of the company as indicated.
c. Read other reports and press releases posted by the company.
2. Locate the Consolidated Statements of Income (also known as the Income Statement), Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows in the most current annual report. Print them out, or if the firm offers downloadable copies, download them and save to your computer.
Note: You will need the Consolidated Statements of Income for this assignment. Data from the Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows .
3. Create a Microsoft ExcelTM worksheet to present the major portions of the firm’s Consolidated Statements of Income. You are not simply to copy the sample – make your own worksheet and do your own formatting and computations. Format the Excel document to print in landscape view. for an example of how to set up the reports and the calculations you are to perform.
Note: You will likely note some extra items on the Consolidated Statements of Income – things that you do not know what to do with. Most of these are non-operating expenses or income, following. The items you are most concerned with will be clearly labeled as such.
4. Write a Word document containing a copy of your email to your supervisor that addresses the following items.
a. What is the tone of each report (its appearance, theme, look)? What feelings and impressions do you get from looking at the report?
b. Review the management letters and other front matter found in the beginning of the reports. What stands out? Can you draw any initial conclusions about the state of the business? What do the leaders have to say about their company?
c. What else is contained in the annual reports, and what is the significance of it?
d. Compare and contrast the two consolidated statements of income for the company. Consider the yearly operating performance and environmental circumstances (economy, market, trends, etc) that are readily apparent to you as an observer, and/or those mentioned specifically by the management of the organization.
e. What changes do you notice in tone and content from year to year?
f. What is your recommendation on if this company should be explored further for potential purchase by your organization? Include a rationale for your recommendation.
5. Include your Excel worksheet as an appendix to your Word document. There are several ways to do this. Here is just one method.
• Place your cursor where you would like to include the Excel worksheet into your Word document.
• Insert an “object” into your Word document at the appropriate location.
• Select “Create from file” tab.
• A window will appear for you to search your file structure for your .xls or .xlsx file.
• The file will be inserted into your word document. You may need to resize the image to fit the page.

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