Compare and Contrast between an original story and A film for the story.
`These are the links for the original story and the film for the stroy.
In this essay i have to compare and contrast the original story with the film.

Grading Criteria: Some of the key elements you will be graded on are:

1. Organization- this includes organization on the sentence and paragraph level, as well
as the overall organization of the paper. How effectively do you use block
comparison vs. point by point? Do your arguments flow logically (transitions will
help with this), leading from one point to another? (60 pts)

2. Thesis- Does the paper have an arguable thesis that is not simply a statement of
fact/opinion? (20 pts)

3. Support- Does the essay provide ample support to prove its claims? This support
should come from the films/texts in the form of direct, concrete examples. (30 pts)

4. Mechanics/Grammar- Is the paper free of major grammatical errors, including but not
limited to sentence fragments, fused sentences, comma splices, improper verb tenses,
subject/verb agreement, etc. (25 pts)

5. Works Cited- Does the paper include a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page at
the end? (15 pts)