Compare and Contrast the book of Denis Lehane, Mystic River and the movie edition Mystic River by Clint Eastwood

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Read the Mystic River book of Denis Lehane and then watched the movie of it by Clint Eastwood(you can find it online if you didn’t watch it)
Our professor wants us to compare the differences and similarities in both book and movie but not by the plot or basic stuff as they are similar. Please compare the role of the women (Celeste, Annabeth) in the book and movie, the backgrounds of the characters (Jimmy, Sean, Dave, where they live, what kind of family they have) and the characteristics of these people rather than saying in movie he dies like this but in the book its different.

Purpose: Comparing and contrasting is an important academic skill. It allows writers to draw rich connections between disparate ideas and to hone broad ideas to a sharp focus. But comparing and contrasting also poses a unique set of organizational challenges. In this assignment, you will practice thinking in terms of differences and similarities and presenting these differences and similarities in a balanced and organized way.

Please give abundant quotations and enough evidence in supporting every idea. My professor wants a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction and topic and conclusion sentences for every paragraph.
Please include 2 body paragraphs about the difference and the third one as the similarity.
In the similarity paragraph please also talk about the common theme.
Please start with a hook to the introduction and write an effective conclusion.
Please use the perfect MLA format as my professor gives a lot of importance.
Please make sure to write full 5 pages
Please use sophisticated vocabulary
Please give specific examples with the characters and give a profound understanding with short quotations.
I added two files, one is the review of the movie by New York Times and the other document is an interview with Denis Lehane about the book.
Please read these two files and give reference and quotations from these in supporting the essay. (please include the book, the movie, the interview, the review in work cited) 4 sources

New York Times review link online:

Interview with Denis Lehane is attached.

Instructions of my Professor: As you shape your comparison / contrast, you should deepen your argument with research. What relevant background can you give about the novel and film? Who else has written about them? Do you agree with them? Disagree? Both?

You should move gradually from a working thesis that aspects of the the novel or film are superior to a more specific thesis that explicitly states your major reasons. We’ll have a thesis workshop in class.

You are charged with evaluating the literature, so do not hesitate to make claims about the quality of the texts you examine, backing up these claims with clear reasons and convincing evidence.

Make sure to be fair and objective when stating an opposing claim. Feel free to concede any points you cannot disprove. Use a “devil’s advocate” position (summarize an imaginary opposing argument as in “A reader might argue that . . . ”) only if you cannot find a real source with an opposing argument. You could present the opposing argument before your refutation (as in a “classical argument”) or after you state and argue for your own position.

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