compare two poems

compare two poems

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3 pages/750 Words, MLA format, + work cited page

Write an analytical essay exploring how two poems from our text communicate similar themes using POETIC ELEMENTS.
Decide whether you think the poetic devices and elements worked well to convey the theme and message.
Use literary terms to analyze textual examples
Be sure and explore who the speaker is, who he/she is speaking to, etc.
Describe what FORM (prose, villanelle, sonnet, etc) the poem is and how this adds to (or takes away from) the effect of the poem
Explain how/why this poem and its message/theme is significant to you or others in society. What can it do for a person, how can it help or capture a certain something, as you read it? Can you relate? BE SURE TO ANALYZE THE TEXT–explain what the lines mean and how that relates to your thesis.
The poems may be from those I have posted, from our text, or others listed below–most can be googled if you type in the author & title.

Below I’ve listed some poems on the same topics, some are in more than one category–you still need to discover connections & themes. This is just a small handful; there are many topics, and many poems fit into more than one category. Make discoveries. Also, remember, you may use other poems from our text that I didn’t have time or space to list here.

Love & Longing: “you fit into me” Margaret Atwood; “She Walks in Beauty” Byron; “Litany” Collins; “The Flea” Donne; “Clothes” Divakaruni ; “Last Night” Olds

Culture and Identity: “Green Chile” Baca; “AmeRican” Laviera; “We Real Cool” Brooks; “Ethnic Poetry” Marzan; “Snapping Beans” Parker

Nature: “Under Cherry Trees” Basho; “Suburban” Ciardi; “l(a” Cummings; “Presentiment–is that long shadow–on the lawn–” Dickinson ; “God’s Grandeur” Hopkins; “Loveliest of trees, the cherry now” Housman; “After Basho” Kizer; “To Autumn” Keats ; “Root Celler” Roethke; “Ode to the West Wind” Shelley; “When I heard the learned Astronomer” Whitman; “The World is too Much With Us” Wordsworth

Violence, War, Peace: “next to of course god America I” cummings; “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” Jarrell; “Casual Wear” Merrill; “Dulce et Decorum Est” Owen; “They” Sassoon; “The Hand that Signed the Paper” Thomas; “Cavalry Crossing a Ford” Whitman

Home and Family: “After Making Love We Hear Footsteps” Kinnell; “Alzheimer’s” Cherry

Sexuality: “The Word Plum,” CHASIN; “Home-Baked Bread” CROFT; “Last Night” OLDS; “Seniors” RIOS; “Leda and The Swan” YEATS

Friendship: “Mending Wall” FROST; “Song of the Open Road” Whitman

Work: “What Work Is” LEVINE (Moodle link & handout); “Out, Out–” FROST; “The Chimney Sweeper” BLAKE; “AD” FEARING; “Love in LA” Gilb; “God’s Grandeur” HOPKINS; “When I Consider How My Light is Spent” MILTON; “Richard Corey” ROBINSON ; “Labor” WORMSER