Comparison between "The Great Dictator " by Charlie Chaplin and "The Interview" by Rogen & Goldberg

Comparison between “The Great Dictator ” by Charlie Chaplin and “The Interview” by Rogen & Goldberg

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Write a paper comparing the movie The Great Dictator (1940) by Charles Chaplin to The Interview (2014) by Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg. Both are ostensibly satires of tyrannical leaders (Hitler and Kim Jong-un, respectively), and both stirred up controversy at the time of publication. Perform a careful analysis of the more obvious as well as the less obvious similarities (beginning with color versus b&w) between the two movies. What are the respective targets of satirical comedy in each movie? What satirical techniques are used in each movie? How is the parody of the tyrant carried out in each movie? Which satire is more effective and penetrating in its critical message? Which seems to be more convincing as a work of art? Which is more profound and why? What does not work so well in each satire?

Be sure not to present a simple list of differences and similarities. You are asked to develop an argument, not compile a list. In other words, a compilation of differences and similarities is only the raw material, the beginning for your paper. Based on the comparative data, you should ultimately say what all the differences and similarities add up to. The guiding questions above should facilitate this analytical clarity.