Comparison Essays

Comparison essays also referred to as a compare and contrast essay is simply a difference versus a similarity kind of essay. It generally shows what connections or differences exist between two things. The most important thing about this kind of essay is that the similarities and differences ought to be New and not the common ones that face us day to day lives. In selecting the topics that one can write a comparative essay, it is advised that the following be observed;

  • Choose two things that can be categorized in the same bracket but have quite huge differences. Some good choices can fall in the area of sports such as football and basketball; animals such as horses and cats or arts such as writing and singing.
  • After your choice is made, you need to start by gathering your main ideas of the things you want to talk about. Do this by simply jotting down the differences and similarities of the item of discussion.

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Before you begin writing the essay, you need to have answered three fundamental questions in your mind as a shocker to the direction your essay will develop too.

First, do the requirements ask me to compare and contrast or they are asking me to just do one of those things? Some of the instructors want you to just pick one side of the topic and extrapolate on it while others will ask you to do both. Either way, you need to make sure that the thesis statement of your essays displays the instructor’s requirements. For instance, if I wanted to write about Social networking Platforms, I would have different thesis statements depending on which task I was assigned in the compare/contrast assignment.

Second would be to ask yourself whether the two things that you have chosen are similar and /or different in more than one meaningful way. The success of any comparison essays is in the writing of the not-so-obvious things. You need to be attentive and critical enough to make a presentation of characteristics of things that we don’t normally notice or are hard to see. For instance, we know that horses are physically larger than cats and thus, writing this difference has no meaningful result to the essay. Look for something about the horse, or the cat that would bring the “aha!” moment to the reader is what the essay is about. Talk about something like the sensitivity of each animal to the emotions, behaviors and human needs.

Thirdly, you need to ask yourself whether you know enough about your topic of choice to craft effective comparison essays. Unless there is a requirement that you conduct a research on the topic you are assigned, it is advised that you choose a topic which you are comfortable discussing and most importantly, discussing it at length. Be prepared for anything that the instructor may throw at you because that will demonstrate your confident know how on the topic you have been assigned to.

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