Contemporary Issues In Accounting & Finance ASSESSMENT OF DEBATE

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Details of Assessment Tasks attached as Appendix 1, page 20

Task I  DEBATE (30%) – refer to Appendix 1  for full details


Sir David Tweedie once said that the purpose of Accounting Regulation was to “keep capitalism honest”  however there are those who feel that Financial Markets do not need regulation, users of the Markets, both providers of finance and users of finance, are sophisticated enough to be able to make decisions which will keep the market functioning efficiently and those firms who fail to provide the market with the necessary information to enable finance proviers to esitmate risk will simply loose out


Your task is to debate this proposition and to put forwared an argument both for and against  the propositon.



You will be divided into groups of 6 students and within each group students will take a position i.e.

  • Half of you will support the proposition that Academic research has no relevance etc…..
  • The other half will argue that sound academic research has a major role to play in accounting regulation.
  • Whatever view you represent you will research the topic in full and be prepared to defend your position and identify and use the specific research that supports your position and in effect undermines the opposing view. Each student will take part in the argument.

The debate requires you to go head to head in class and argue one or other side of this proposition – but overall try to work as a team of 6 so that a real argument is occurring based on each other’s views (i.e. counter argue with each other) On the basis of your debate you will be marked as a group – but in exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to give different marks to different members of the group based on their argument and overall contribution..  Each group will have a total of 10 minutes and it is suggested that they limit their debate to 7 mins with 3 mins left for class and tutor questions – in case clarification is needed in respect of any of the issues raised in the debate.

Students may self-select groups of 6 but students who are not in self-selected groups by the end of week 3 of teaching will be put into groups by the module tutors.


Debates will take place during class on the 17th March 2015 – Your debate will be videoed so that External Examiners’ have the opportunity to moderate your work