Conversational Essay (Gender in Detective fiction genre)

Conversational Essay (Gender in Detective fiction genre)

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Find at least five different, scholarly sources that speak about the same topic concerning a theme that interests you in detective fiction and/or a specific text in

the detective genre that you want to complete you research project on. Write an essay that puts those five or more sources in conversation with one another following

the principles discussed in the presentation on using sources analytically (note: you can refresh your memory by reading through the prezi available in course

documents) . You will need to make the sources speak, to differentiate your own voice from the sources, and to clearly find your own place in the conversation by doing

on-going analysis that goes beyond summary and agree/disagree responses.
*The teacher wants conversation between the sources, she doesn’t want a summary of each. She specially said she wants them to be like scrambled through out the essay

pointing out different aspects.
*The five scholarly sources have to support my topic.
This paper should be approximately five pages long and should adhere to MLA standards.

My topic:
For the development of essay three I will write about the theme of gender in the detective genre. First, I want to point out the differences of each and how they

contribute to the story. Women are regularly portrayed as irresistibly attractive and their involvement in the book comes from their romance with the detective who is

the protagonist.Women are shown as sneaky and persuasive. I want to research on why they are shown this way and the effects it has on the reader. I believe it is

interesting to uncover women’s identity and influence in these situations since as a society we tend to focus on the detectives actions.
It is significant to see the role of women portrayed because even though they are depicted as secondary characters they have a great influence on the protagonist and

the outcome of the story.My research will focus on how women and their contribution are as important as men in the detective fiction genre.
*Besides the five scholarly sources I would like if you can include a known movie or book that can link and support my topic.

These are some points the teacher suggests we use as guidelines when conversing with sources:
1.try not to plug in sources, instead “converse” “Think of sources as voices inviting you into a community of interpretation, discussion and debate”
2.Quote, paraphrase and summarize in order to analyze-always show your reasoning-never let a citation stand alone! Connect your argument-your thesis.
3. Quote sparingly
4.Paraphrasing can also be valuable for interpretation-it forces you to look at key words.
5.What is at stake in your source? What positions does it want to modify, or refute and why?
6. Instead of simply agreeing or disagreeing with a source, look for ways to develop, modify or apply what the source has said.
7.Represent sources fairly-give sources credit even though you will challenge them.