Country analysis on Japan

Country analysis on Japan

The research paper has to be 7~8 pages.
establish the foothold of Canada based restaurant chain Boston Pizza in Japan.
In this paper, writer is not required to choose any specific market entry strategy but to do detailed research on Japanese market and anticipate how will it affect Boston pizza’s business within Japanese market.
There is detailed guideline for paper, so please follow through.

You should collect data to identify and evaluate potential marketing opportunities throughout the
world. In order to develop a viable marketing plan, you will first need to develop a Country
Analysis which will include the following aspects of the country you have selected. This will
require you to collect two types of data; general country indicators, relating to the general
business environment and indicators to assess product market potential. Each of these should be
a separate section (with subheads).
You will need to be selective in your choice of indicators (approximately 18-22 indicators should
be adequate).

i. History- Brief history of the country with special emphasis on most recent history
that impacts market entry of your new product or service
ii. Geography- Location, climate, topography and how these impact your
iii. Economy-Population, GDP, income, natural resources, industries, international
trade data, trade restrictions, labor force, and how this affects your proposed
market entry
iv. Legal/Political Environment- Laws affecting marketing entry into that country,
attitudes toward foreign businesses, importance of government as a purchaser of
goods and services, and how this affects your business
v. Culture- Religion, family life, education, business customs and practices, and fine
arts, and how they will impact your product/service
vi. Technology-Technology currently available, R&D activity, technological skills of
the people, and how this will affect your proposed market entry
vii. Infrastructure- Distribution (roads, bridges, canals, railroads), financial (banks,
insurance companies, investment firms), marketing (advertising agencies,
marketing research firms, media), communication (telephone, faxes, computers),
and how each of these will impact your product/service

Collect as much data as possible relating to the specific product market, e.g. product usage
and sales data, product sales of competing or substitute products. This is the most important
stage. Data on these indicators can be obtained from secondary data sources such as the
World Bank Development Report, Euromonitor’s Global Marketing Information Database,
Consumer Europe, and EIU Country Reports. Some data can be obtained from the Internet,
but please be careful about the reliability and accuracy.

APA style and include all the references of data.