Coursework 4

Please show all work for this assignment and explain your derivations.

1. NAAQS were established for six principal pollutants. Describe each and give examples of each applicable pollutant.

2. In Hepburn’s Speed Model, the coefficients of vehicles are indicated for C and D. As the chief of operations in your organization, you are responsible for presenting the yearly budget for the semi trucks in your company’s inventory. Since your safety officer is insisting that each of your drivers must maintain an average speed of 55mph, what would be the vehicle operating cost of your company for each semi-truck in cent per mile?

3. A taxi driver plans to pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the bank so you can complete some financial transaction before you head home. He notes that the change in vehicle operating cost (VOC) is 42 cents per mile. Given that his fuel consumption per minute is 0.2, what is the approximate price of fuel for this given arrangement if you delayed the driver for 48 minutes at the bank? ____

4. The simple interest for buying a passenger transit rail is shown as the product of the principle amount (P), time (in years), and annual rate (R). The City of Phoenix plans to buy five additional mass transit cars for $15 million, and pay off its loan in 10 years. What would the annual percentage rate be if the city plans to make an interest payment of $2 million? ____