Creating a Restful API Application in .NET

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate
that you have met the learning outcomes 1 and 2 as described in the module overview.
These are to be able to: !
1. Critically evaluate the use of third party APIs using a range of appropriate
evaluative techniques.
2. To design and implement applications providing and consuming a distributed
API. !
This assignment is an individual piece of work and accounts for 100% of the
coursework mark for the module which is 50% of the overall module mark. !
Please note the University policy for late assignments. Late assignments submitted
within 24 hours of a deadline will get a mark capped at 40% – later assignments are
automatically awarded 0. You are therefore encouraged to submit your assignment
prior to the deadline. !
There are two parts to the coursework. Part 1 is a written evaluation of an API of your
choice. Part 2 is to design and implement an application that demonstrates both the
consumption and the delivery of a simple RESTful API.!
Key Dates
Assignment issued: 23rd January 2015
1. Deliverable 1: API Evaluation 24th February 2015 at 4pm
2. Deliverable 2: API Design & Implementation 20th March 2015 at 4pm
API Evaluation: This is a written report of approximately 1,500 words to be submitted
through the DLE. !
You are to choose a web based API that is of interest to you, carry out a logical and
robust evaluation of the API and write a report of your findings. Your report must
discuss how you might make use of the API, show how you evaluated it, giving
screenshots of any tools in use if appropriate. You should also make suitable
references to authoritative literature as you discuss and critique the API in terms of
best practice. You references should be done in the Harvard style. !
Your report must be written in a professional manner, be well structured and easy to
S pring 20 14 SOFT338 – API Software Development
API Implementation: You are to design an implement in .NET an application that
both consumes and delivers a distributed API. This should be quite simple. !
Your application should be able to provide one RESTful resource that can deliver the
HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Your application should also provide
output from one RESTful call to a third party API. !
You must provide a document outlining the design of your application using
appropriate UML notation. The document should also provide a walkthrough of the
application through the use of screenshots. You may use tools such as Postman to
test your API. !
Your code must be deployed on the allocated Xserve server space and make use of
your allocated SQL Server database. !
NOTE: You must also place on your server space a zipped file containing the serverside
code. 10% of marks will be deducted if this is not provided.
Category & weighting Assessment Criteria
API Implementation
API implemented and presented with appropriate
Design clearly illustrated in the accompanying
documentation and clearly evident in architecture.
Developer resources for API conform to industry good
Source code runs with test data.
Data is inserted, edited and retrieved from the mySQL
API conforms to RESTful principles
One resource provided with GET, PUT, POST and
DELETE functionality
One call to a third party API demonstrated
Walkthrough matches implementation deployed

Style of report is clear, professional and has a logically
developed thread of argument throughout.
Evaluation approach is relevant.
Appropriate academic and industry literature is used to
support discussion.
Clear evidence of understanding topic area is
Evidence of critique.
Evaluation clearly described and illustrated.
APIs selected suitable