Critique of a Scholarly Journal Article

Critique of a Scholarly Journal Article

Assignment Two: This assignment is worth 20% of your grade

You are required to critique a study that was published in a scholarly journal in the area of criminal justice.  Examples of peer-reviewed, scholarly journals are Criminology, The Prison Journal, Journal of Drug Use and Abuse, etc.  If you are not sure if an article is a journal article, please ask me or a Librarian.  Let me look at your article before you begin writing.  This will be a 3-5 page paper.

a.    Read the article and in one page, give a summary of the article.  Include:
1.    What was the study about?
2.    Who were they studying (sample)? How did they pick their sample?
3.    How did they conduct the study? (i.e., a survey, field research, historical documents, etc.)

b.    Discuss the author’s conclusions (1 page).  What did the author find through this research? What were the Possible sources of information (beyond the literature)?

c.    Critique the author’s work – list strengths and weaknesses of the author’s research designs.  What were the problems with it?  Could it have been done better?  Typically most of this information can be found under the sub-heading of “limitations” in the article.  This should help you with writing this section.

d.    Include a copy of the article with your paper and staple it to the paper. List criteria/reasons for choosing the article.

e.    Do not copy directly from the article – I want you rephrase what the author has stated in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Do not write in the “I” format.