Culture – Read & Answer

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Read the attached Chapter 6 from the book: Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life: A Practical Introduction – 3rd Edition. Then based ONLY in that chapter of the book, answer the last questions of the chapter using simple English vocabulary and in a form of question and answer:

– How might the troubles with the tourism company be explained by Hofstede’s dimensions of culture? Make sure to look at both Japanese and American cultures.

– Did either Yushiko or Mark ever accommodate? How? With what effect?

– Relate AUM’s seven predictors of anxiety and uncertainty to the case. Which predictors seem to be the greatest contributors to the problem at Granovetter Church? How might Gudykunst advise both Mark and Yushiko so they can engage in more mindful communication?

– To what extent did Mark and Yushiko recognize the other’s face needs during the conflict? What conflict strategies did they use? Were the strategies consistent with the predictions of face negotiation theory?

– Do any of the theories emerge as “better” than the others? Why do you believe this to be the case? What situations might surface that would make a different theory or theories better at explaining the situation?