Data collection, analysis, forecasts.

Data collection, analysis, forecasts.

Answers, excluding the data and computer output, should not exceed 4 pages. Therefore, answer each question briefly and precisely without omitting relevant points.

Tables containing summary of the results should be included in the main text while data, estimation output, etc. should be relegated to appendices. Each group should

submit three files
1- A typed coursework in word or pdf.
2- One excel file contain data and analysis.
3- One Eviews workfile for econometric analysis.

Having completed this coursework the students should be able to:
? Use excel to process and analyse the data, produce tables graphs and perform regression analysis, including diagnostic tests and hypothesis testing,
? Perform forecast and evaluate the performance of different types of forecasting techniques,
? Perform simulations, analyse the outcome and make decisions based on the outcome,
? Solve linear programming problems and use them for optimisation

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