Designing for a Complex World

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The assignment task:

You will write a 2,500 text with an annotated bibliography looking at the relationship between a theme of your choice that related to this option, key texts on that theme and an artefact or design. The researcher is free to choose the theme.

Follow these steps:
1. Choose one of the themes from this term to focus on:
-Design in a feedback culture;
-Pluri-sensual design;
-Spatialised design;
-Design for the human scale;
-Design + ethics;
-Design thinking + wicked problems

Themes Suggestions: – Pluri-sensual design or – Design + ethics.

*Researcher is free to chose whatever themes you deem fit.

2. Choose a key text relating to this theme. You may use the ones in the reading list (please see the attachment: Reading List.pdf, which is the list of all the reading that the tutor has given us during class. The other attachments are the pdf format of those readings, but you can also choose your own.

3. Choose an artifact or design that you think is interesting to help you explore the main ideas in your chosen text. You are responsible for defining the title of your essay.

4. Now research at least 20 more sources that will supplement your key text.

5. In the essay, you will consider the relationship between your chosen theme, ideas or issues raised in your texts and the artifact or design.

In order to do this, you could either;

– Evaluate the issues raised by your artifact/design in relation to your theme, using your key text and supporting sources to help you.
– Explain the main ideas raised in your key text, using your artifact or design and further supporting texts to help you illustrate or explore the ideas.

*An annotated bibliography consisting of at least 20 sources (books, articles, websites) linked to in-text citations.

These annotations will explain the key ideas in each source and how they were used in supporting the presentation.

Bibliography System Requirement: The text will be fully referenced with in-text citations, using the System I gave and contain with an annotated bibliography and supporting illustrations.
The bibliography should be organized using the format I have attached (please see the attachment:Reference Format & Examples.pdf), It’s a little bit different to the Harvard System.

At least 5 appropriate supporting visual material( pictures, photos or illustrations), included in the text.

The attachment called ‘Assignment Handbook’ is the brief of the essay, you can find all the specifications and requirements of the essay, and I have put the weekly schedule of the lesson which may help you to know what’s the key ideas that we have been discuss in the class. Also, you can find six files in pdf format are named start with ppt_, which are the powerpoint has been shown in the seminar, you can find some extra resource in the powerpoint.